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Sep 22, 2020

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Welcome to eBay for Business!

This week, eBay Vice President Marni Levine talks about the upcoming eBay 25th Anniversary Sellerbration on Friday, September 25th. eBay Senior Director of Shipping Stuart Reichenbach gives us an update on all things shipping. This week’s seller story is from eBay sellers Jeffrey and Katrina Hess of Hess Fine Arts. Jeffrey talks with Griff about the nature of his luxury watch and gemstone business. And Rebecca and Griff answer your questions sent to  

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00:01 - Intro

04:09 - eBay VP Marni Levine on Sellerbration

08:19 - Shipping Update with eBay SD Stuart Reichenbach

18:26 - Jeffrey Hess - 25 Seller Story Mini Series

41:51 - Q&A and Outro


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